GW2 Engineer Might Stacking Build

Hey there… there are a lot of complains about the lack of a viable builds for engineers. Here’s my build. A friend uses on his PVE Engineer very succesfully. It’s made around the stacking of might and doing damage with the stacks for might while also having a good toughness build for survivability.

The traits:


Now for runes. The main idea is to increase the might duration… so the best combo for this is 2/6 Superior Rune of Strenght (20% might duration) + 2/6 Superior Rune of Hoelbrak (20% might duration) + 2/6 Superior Rune of Fire (20% might duration). Might duration stacks. And it stacks with the 30% increased boon duration from Alchemy adding up to 90% increased might duration.

With these i get 9-10 stacks of might (35 power and 35 condition damage / stack = 350 power & condition damage) just by using the flamethrower and doing nothing.

stacks of might

As you can see above… the 15 sec might from Juggernaught trait turned into a 28.5 sec might.

As for skills i suggest using Elixir H, Elixir B and Elixir R. They can be helpfull for your team… for yourself … and add stacks of might because of the last trait in Alchemy.

Last but not least. Gear stats. This is the great thing about this build… as you can use whatever you want for stats. But i suggest going for a high Toughness stat build because it provides both survivability and power through the Energized Armor trait.

In my opinion best stats for this is the Knight set. Toughness as the main stat. Power precision as second stats. Power adds up to total damage output. Precision adds up to the firearms traits. The first two i chose: 5% chance to add bleeding on crit and V – 50% chance to cause vulnerability on crit.

Feedback welcomed. Thank you. Enjoy.


Update: sharkminusbear pointed out the Superior Rune of Fire. I changed the build from 4/6 Hoelbrak to 2/6 Hoelbrak + 2/6 Fire for more might duration. Thanks.


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  1. How is the build in WvW/PvP?

  2. Loving this build. Used a similar one for soloing, but with the focus more on surviving than might stacking. With the rune choice, I feel just as tough but much stronger.
    Since they’re supposed to make sigils work with kits, what would you suggest?

  3. Do you use rifle or pistol/pistol? You can’t just stay on flamethrower all the time.

    • Change to Pistol/Pistol from time to time when you have full stacks of might to unload all the skills that do alot of damage based on your cond dmg then go back to FT.

  4. Interesting build. What pistol specs are you using?

    • Same build for pistols… i just change to pistols when i got 20+ stacks of might and use all skills then go back to FT.

  5. Ah and what trinkets?

    • For trinkets go for same main stats. Either high toughness + power or Toughness + Cond damage. Doesn’t really matter. You can change it up as you feel.

  6. theshamelessgeek

    Got linked to this guide via Reddit, thanks for putting together the article and I’ll definitely give it a try once I reach 80 on my Engineer alt!

  7. I decided to drop Elixir R for Elixir C. Other then that, this is an awesome build. Reason was I needed to remove conditions more than un-stun and I have a chance to add another might.

  8. Mesa,

    I want to continue this Flamethrower Improvement. On the last month updates, Arena Net allowed Weapon and Sigils to apply stats on Kits as well. This way It is very important to use 2 weapons such as P/P or P/S with careful chosen stats and sigils:

    Sigil of Fire Cooldown: 5 sec, 30% chance to cause flame blast on critical hit causing AoE damage. I tested this, it applyes a free flame blast every 5 seconds (and it does if you have a high precision as you mentioned in the build).

    • I have not updated the build to the current patch since i haven’t been really playing GW2 lately (focused on LOL). But i’ll put your suggestions up there.

  9. love the build, i run flamethrower, and elixer h, b, and c

    for traits hgh, and backpack regen are interchangeable depending on wether i would like more damage or more survivability

    and im human so i dunno if this is a racial, but instead of crate i run elixer x or hounds of balthazar, hounds work very well with vulnerability

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