Sapphire Vega64 Nitro+ Coil Whine and Optimization

Long time no post. Images from this post can be found in high-res here.

I recently bought a Sapphire Vega64 Nitro+ from OverclockersUK and set it up. While playing some games i heard random coil whine. After much investigation i found that the game i was mostly playing when i got the card, Frostpunk has really bad VRAM and GPU usage, and it just uses as much as it gets. You can check out reports here, here and here. Now at first i thought that because of the coil whine, and the full load on the game, the Vega 64 card i got might be a bad sample. After much investigating i found a lot of reports which also say that this Vega64 model has coil whine issues, including Tom’s Hardware and PCWorld. You can also find a lot of discussion and reports around the various PC component forums.

While the Frostpunk video optimization is the main problem, it does not mean that in the future, when i will be able to use this video card at its full potential in future games (ahem, ahem Cyberpunk 2077), that i won’t hear any coil whine. I will probably hear coil whine when games require more kick.

Is coil whine dangerous for the card? Everywhere i’ve read i’ve read that it is safe for the card, it is just some coil noise that is the result of modulating the pulse-width (PWM) of the current that goes to those coils. It is only a nuisance.

For the optimization part. This came out as a result of trying to see if the card is broken for the Frostpunk results. I’ve found a suggestion for this card which improved my 3DMark scores significantly. NOTE: This will not solve the coil whine problem.


These settings can be found in Radeon Settings > Gaming > Global Settings > Global Wattman

Updating to the settings seen above resulted in the following improvement in 3DMark score:fire-strike.jpg


In the end, I’ve decided not to RMA the card, because the coil whine is containable and mostly because the cost of sending it through DHL to the UK and back will cost about 25% of the value of the card. Money which I intend to spend on a better PSU.

Hopefully this post will help someone with regards of his Vega64 Nitro+ from Sapphire.



Windows cannot detect Hard Drive on clean install of Windows 7

Bought a laptop and its 1TB HDD was not detected by Windows 7. I have no other OS installed and cannot format from Windows.
The solution i found was to open command prompt during instalation and manually format the Disk.

Windows 7 Install Window
During the window where you need to choose the partition to install windows to

 Shift + F10
 diskpart [enter]
 list disk [enter]
 select disk [number] [enter]
 clean all [enter]
 delete all [enter] is a alternative to clean all
 create partition primary [enter]
 select partition 1 [enter]
 active [enter]
 format fs=ntfs [enter]
 assign [enter]
 exit [enter]
 exit [enter]

The Great Gatsby VFX

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Dota 2 vs League of Legends


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Classy as fuck!

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